Adding a leaf

This weekend we had to add a leaf in our table. Our paint-splotched, seat-stained, fork-pocked table. We had the good fortune of having some of our favorite visitors here. My college roommate and her beautiful family stayed with us as we celebrated our 10-year college reunion. Gulp. 10 years!!! I use the term “celebrate” quite loosely. If you call standing on the curb and chasing a 3-yr old and 1-yr old out of the crowd while on campus of one’s alma mater celebrating, then that’s what I did.

Roomie and I recalled days where we were each settled in our little twin beds in our little dorm rooms and having our nightly little conversations. Many of the conversations revolved around our dreams for the future. I’ve spent some of my best days around dorm room tables, less-than-gourmet-commons-area campus food tables, Roomie’s kitchen table, and, now, here at ours thinking about those dreams. Thinking about life.

As we separated the table pieces and wedged in another leaf, and as we wrote notes and placed them in our gratitude jar that centers that wood-top, we thanked God for the husbands and children that, now, a decade-plus later, fill the table.