Claire Dunphy, please move aside...

Our road is undergoing some major construction and will be closed for the next couple of months.  In an effort to warn drivers of upcoming detours, barricades were placed on the road.  The barricades were placed in a way that was causing a huge bottleneck in the the intersection and also causing folks to nearly nip each other if 2 cars tried to simultaneously fit between them.  Being that the detour was only south of the barricades, I figured someone would come move the ones placed in the northbound lane.  Nope.  So, after 2 weeks, I decided to track down the city, figure out who was in charge of road engineering, and take it up with that guy.  Once I figured that out, I first expressed my thanks and excitement for the renovation, then I went on to explain the current problems with the street blocks and, in my opinion, the potential solutions.  The very same day, one barricade was moved over and one was removed - solving the problem. I called the McHusband excited that this stay-at-home-mom was a mover and shaker in the town.  Ok, not really, but it was a small victory!  As much as we drive around, I was excited for a safer and less annoying intersection.  Kudos to the town for their quick response to a resident's complaint and suggestion!

Those of you who watch Modern Family, you can appreciate that this was my version of Claire's stop sign.  Where are we driving?  Glad you asked... here are the places we've been in the last week... kinda a tour of the amenities in our area, it seems...

(party at the pastor's house)

(Conner Prairie)

(At the wishing "well")

(At Cool Creek Park)

(At the dentist)

(At the grocery... obviously)

(At Founders Park... our first time and loved it!)

Not sure exactly what McBaby #2 is plotting here...