Le Ballon Rouge

Do you remember watching the film “Le Ballon Rouge” in school?  I can remember first seeing this beautiful French movie in elementary school and being moved even then.  The Albert Lamorisse film has hardly any dialogue, but portrays so much in its imagery and in watching the characters’ interactions.  The film takes place in Paris and reveals the story of a little boy who is followed around the city by a gigantic red balloon (ballon rouge).  Though many try to pop his prize and ruin his fun, ultimately the balloon prevails… the child’s spirit prevails. 
In trying to come up with a baby shower theme for one of my closest friends in the whole wide world, I thought this would fit beautifully!  She loves red, we both love France and have visited multiple times, she is a soul with her own adventurous spirit, and it would make for a great decorated table… French baguettes, vintage collectibles, and a giant red balloon!  After the shower and after posting some FB pics, I had a lot of questions about things, so I decided to make a blog post all about it!  Here ya go...
Here is a pic from the film... how awesome is the red balloon standing out amongst the old grays of the buildings.  (Parts of the film reportedly take place in north of Paris in the Montmartre area.  That is where we stayed on our last visit a few years back and it was UH-MAZING.  Also, the area is virtually unrecognizable today as the same place say film critics.)  
Here is an image I found as my muse when I started googling and "Pinteresting" images...
Then I discovered that these balloons, at the cheapest I could find them, were $7.99 apiece.  Choke.  Ok, so I'm not planning a celebrity wedding here... time to get creative and modify... here is the invitation.  It's a combo of brown cards and envelopes I bought at Hobby Lobby, printed images I found by googling, and a large fabric balloon attached with spray adhesive.  

Did you know you can find websites and download awesome fonts yourself that make things look custom?  Check out www.dafont.com
Here is what I came up with... thank goodness the weather was PARFAIT and we were able to have everything outdoors... 20 place settings total.

I racked my brain trying to think of a party favor.  Anything that's affordable (dollar store, Target $1 bin, etc.) wouldn't really be worth carrying home and we already had so many food things available.  So, I saw an idea for party favors that were fabric flower pins... I loved that!  Then, I thought, why don't I just make some and then hot glue papers to them that they can rip off when they leave... name tags AND favors!
HERE is the link to those fabric flowers and an incredible site about beautiful baby showers in general... there are TONS of tutorials online and on pinterest if you'd like to learn to make them yourself.  Let me add that everything about doing this shower was a pleasure except for the repeated hot freakin' glue gun burns that I endured while making 20 rosettes!!
The gorgeous momma-to-be...

Here are some shots of the preggo we were celebrating and the other gal hosting with me...

 All three of us crazies are expecting bebes this summer!

 Here are a couple of other shots...

If you'd like to read a HILARIOUS blog about one gal's cake-pop-making-adventures, check this out HERE.  I had better luck, but not by much... the darn things can make you crazy.

(All of the ugliest ones are in the back.)

 Au revoir!!