The McPranksters

Okay, so I have lots of deep things swimming around in my head for blog posts, but decided to go with a lighter topic. I mean, I almost made you get a kleenex and watch an Adam Sandler movie to cope after my last sob story, right?

So, we got together with friends the other night and I was talking about how the McHusband is a prankster.  They were shocked.  I get it.  The even-keeled, laidback, dashingly hot-without-trying characteristics throw you, right? ;) He does a number of things that crack me up.  This post is dedicated to the tomfoolery of my creative spouse.  May you be enlightened by the wonder that is Jeff McLaughlin.  

His ingenuity is both inspiring and comical... like the time he used a waist belt to attach the cordless phone to his forehead (pre-cell phones/speaker phone) to solve a credit card bill for me while I was overseas, only to cut the phone company off after being on hold for an hour... or the time that he was so in "support of the little guys" that he waited to be the very last customer ever at a local Ace Hardware in town when they were closing shop after many years. He literally wandered around the store (eating popcorn... we all know that their popcorn machine is what draws people to be faithful "supporters of the little guys") until 1 minute before closing and then, eyes darting side to side, checked out and confirmed that he was the last customer ever with the clerk. He came home on cloud nine.  Weird?  I think not.  The picture of crazy cool.  Obviously I think so; we've been together for 16 years.

So, my family (sibs and kids, parents) takes an annual vacation together.  What a blessing this is!  My parents were faithful to carve out time and set aside resources every year so that we could vacation together.  (Thank you Mom & Dad!) More on those comedic adventures HERE.  Now, we have continued that tradition - both with them and as just the 5 of us too as you can read about HERE.  These trips have proven to be the perfect opportunity for McHusband to show his prowess with pranks.

So, there was the time a few years back when we were with my parents and sibs in TN.  We parked "Tyco" - Jeff's lovingly named green gladiator van that was uber comfy and could accommodate all of us - in the parking lot to a restaurant for dinner.  We decided while walking through the parking lot to instead go to the restaurant next door.  We talked about moving the car to the neighboring restaurant's lot, but decided to not worry about it.

Fast forward to dinner.  While McHusband "excused himself to the restroom", he really was going next door to move the car and get the manager (at whose restaurant we DID NOT eat) in on a prank.  (Forgive all of my air quotes... I feel a bit like Tommy Boy, but they seem fitting.) We all finished dinner and came out to the car - or, at least, where the car should've been.  We all looked around baffled until McHusband said "well, they probably towed us since we didn't eat here."  We stormed into the restaurant (reminder: at which we DID NOT eat) and asked the manager about the car.  Playing along, even though there was nothing in it for him, he explained to my Dad (while Jeff nearly choked himself laughing so hard while hiding in the corner) that he had our car towed since we were in his lot and did not give him our business.  My dad was insistent that this was "not acceptable" and we were all shocked at how we fell hook line and sinker for the trick.  

So, this year on vacation, a near-triple prank took place.  We rented an awesome beach house in South Haven.  Oh, I'm thinking about it and wanting to go back. Like now.  The land of not-saying-no to my children because they could do no wrong with the sand and water at their fingertips, the comfort of the backyard beach house hammocks and a good book (anyone else read "Freakonomics?"), the smell of the grill and my family's amazing recipes and open-ended time together.  

Small problem #1: the guest bathroom's toilet seat broke. It basically just rusted out on the hinges.  Dad wanted it fixed right away.  I admire this about him - the desire to take care of it and leave the place better than when we came kinda thing.  So, we drove 20 minutes to Waltucky Wal-Mart, the nearest place to purchase this type of thing and got a new toilet seat... only to find out when we got back home that it, too, was cracked.  Imagine that, a crack on a toilet seat?  Wocka wocka.  So, hellbent on fixing this piece of crap (again, pun intended), Dad wanted to make it back to Wal-Mart asap.  

So, McHusband suggesting pranking my Dad.  We would leave the toilet seat in the car, but, once we'd driven all the way back into town, we'd say that we left it at home when we unloaded the beach stuff.  The prank would be on dad.  BUT... last minute, I let Dad in on the secret and told him what was going on and told him that we were going to prank McHusband and McBro-in-Law and when I told him I took said seat out of the car, he was to get super mad at me for us driving all the way out there and wasting time and gas.

Fast forward again... we pulled into the Wal-Mart.  "Dad, we need to get the kids home to bed. What are we doing?" I asked.  He replied, "taking this new toilet seat back; I told you that."  "Dad, I took it out of the car."  With a fierceness, he looked at me deadpan and angrily said "Sarah, why would you do that?"  Silence.  Silence.  Me looking in the rearview mirror at the shocked look of my hubz and bro-in-law as they thought "oops... didn't see this coming".  Then Dad couldn't take it and started laughing uncontrollably.  We pranked the pranksters.  My sister heard both conversations about the prank set-up and was trying to figure out how to triple-prank on top of this to get me.  Oh, fun times.  This is far from comprehensive, but just a glimpse into our home.  If you're not laughing, you're crying as they say.  May we all laugh and laugh and laugh.

Paybacks are you-know-what as they say.  Stay tuned...

So, here's your chance... post below your favorite (or least?) prank.  I can't wait to read them!!!

xoxo Sarah










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