This is a fairly short post made while standing on a fairly short soapbox.

There is about a 30 minute window between Tues/Thurs dropoff for McBaby #1 and McBaby #2.  Sometimes that means extra time to sit in the car and chat, listen to music, or accidentally fall asleep in the car line as I did once last week... nothing like being jolted awake by a 3 year old turning the volume up full blast.

Every now and again, I get ambitious and try to run an errand in that time frame with McBaby #2 and McBaby #3.  There is a Walmart across the street from #2's preschool.

Do I normally shop at Walmart?  No, simply because they don't have the things/brands I normally shop for.  Yesterday I needed some items for McBaby #2's class party and I needed them early in the morning.  Walmart was a great, if not one of my only, options for this.  Being there for the first time in awhile,  it hit me what an issue I have with the current generally on-trend attitude about Walmart in my circles and on tons of folks' FB statuses.  This is an excerpt from Statustop which has collected real FB statuses about Walmart.  Even if these specific ones are made up or embellished, I have seen or heard some close version of nearly every one of these:

- "I wish there was an observation deck at Walmart."

- "I don't always feel like I'm at the top of the gene pool, but when I do, I'm at Walmart."

- "Went to Walmart today in pajamas. Felt overdressed."

- "I can't help but feel insulted when that voice on the speaker calls me a Walmart shopper."

I don't have a problem with people who shop or work at Walmart.  Are there ethical practices and/or brands supplied there that could be called into question?  Heck yes. You can find out more on about a bazillion blogs, articles, and documentaries. That should go for any of us - ask ourselves hard questions about how we're running our business/life/home.  I also don't have a problem with people who don't support Walmart, don't shop there, and have their own convictions why. These aren't my point though.

What I have a problem with is people having a problem with the other people that shop there.  Is it possible that having a problem with someone else's problem is a plank in my own eye?  Certainly.  Still, I ask this of all of us.

What makes anyone think he/she is better than Walmart?  Better than anyone there who is shopping?  Better than the elderly and special needs employees who typically greet me there?  (For the record, even if it is a greeter/receipt checker, it's the only place that I'm greeted upon entry about anywhere these days.) Better than the young women who smiled adoringly at my kiddos?  Worthy of a better experience?  A better label? A better building?  A better quality?

The mystery is this:  we are all unique, yet all the same as equals at the foot of the cross.  We are all special do-no-gooders. Saints and sinners - all of us and each of us.  It is by grace and grace alone that we walk this earth, that we have manna, that we are relational beings.  Anything else should be checked at the door.