“I survived the Indiana Snowpocalypse” or “The post about the mother who left and moved to Tahiti” or “We just had our Christmas this week and other reasons I’ve already failed 2014”

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Ok, so maybe that's a little overdramatic. Snowed in.  Thank the Lord that we have power, heat, and food to eat.  I realize this is a very dangerous time for many folks, so I don’t want to take that lightly. Still... The week started out with a very “Little House on the Prairie” feel.  I imagined us reading “Anne of Green Gables” by the fireplace, playing the piano and violin – potential virtuosos by week’s end, and cooking doubles and triples of recipes in hopes to have a freezer full of prepared meals.

We did have our moments of glory (talks of giving and receiving and playing Charades, piano, Scrabble, Guess Who,  and snowball fights before the arctic temps, etc.)...


Thankfully, McHusband’s school was cancelled for 5 days straight – something I can never remember happening since we’ve been married.  That, of course, brought out new challenges for the McBabies – ones that mostly revolved around them pitting us against each other.  While McHusband enjoyed the domestic duties that come with the home turf (not that he doesn’t do a ton around here all the time), he began, with this extra time home, to tangent into fantasies of watercress soups, natural yeast extracts, new organization systems, clean closets, and other impossibilities scenarios with which to keep up.  He whistles while he works and says things like “isn’t it so beautiful today?”

By day four though, Martha Stewart (McHusband) was being met with Martha Stewing & Brewing (me).  I was sick of recipes and cleaning up.  That’s my job every other day.  I was having fantasies of crafting, organizing my pictures on my hard drive, and even going to the bathroom alone long hot baths.  While I was feeding the McBabies their second breakfast, McHusband asked what I thought it would be fun to prepare together for dinner.

“Seriously?” I asked.  Then I continued, “We haven’t even mopped up breakfast yet! I’m sick of this.” It could’ve been my tone, it could’ve been the fact that I looked like I hadn’t been out of the house in 4 days (because I hadn’t), or it could’ve been the way I was wiping down the farmhouse table with a belt-sander-like effect, but he responded with “I feel a blog post coming on.”  “Yes”, I continued, “The day I left this family and moved to Tahiti. Alone.”

The truth is that I love my family.

The truth is that I need to get out of this place with them.  Sometimes even without them.

The truth is that “Anne of Green Gables” is one of my favorite stories.

The truth is that McBaby #1 thinks it’s dumb and boring right now.

The truth is that we got out the Chopin and it was beautiful for 4 minutes.

The truth is that we adults are both rusty and added with McBaby #1’s violin, McBaby #2’s drum set, and McBaby #3’s sitting on our lap and banging, it is, well, no longer Chopin.

The truth is that it’s natural to get cabin fever.

The truth is that McBaby #3 actually has a fever.

The truth is that we’re 5 days “ahead” in our homeschool schedule.

The truth is that we were a month “behind” before that.

The truth is that we celebrated Christmas all over this country and loved seeing our extended family.

The truth is that we didn’t have our own Christmas with the 5 of us until this week and that meant explanation on top of explanation of why we weren’t having Christmas yet.

The truth is that we don’t really “believe” in Santa around here.

The truth is that when you want your kids to clean crap up, you throw all convictions out the window (that is, if you could freaking unfreeze it) and tell them “Santa” is watching, won’t come if they don’t get in their beds, and you threaten with the naughty list.

The truth is that I succeeded at many things this week.

The truth is that I failed many others too.

The truth is that we are grateful for all of the beautiful gifts and times together this season.

The truth is that it has taken an entire week to put away the gifts because putting away the gifts means cleaning out the play area shelves which means going through the giveaway pile which means cleaning out the garage which means rearranging the whole house which means cleaning underneath everything which means I need to move to Tahiti. Alone.

If you have survived the IN Snowpocalypse, cheers.  You deserve a strong drink or even a Starbucks.  In 10 years when you’re missing all of the afore-mentioned things, enjoy it.