Just a little baby.


It could've been the wind in my hair or the sound of the waves. It could've been fatigue (see yesterday's post). It could've been the excessive amounts of chocolat and biere/vin we've had this past week. But, for whatever reasons, watching the people next to us on the ferry boat made me sappy and nostalgic. McHusband and McBaby #1 & #2 were running around the boat we'd just embarked (to a beautiful little island off of the Charlevoix region's coast). Because McBaby #3 was taking a long overdue nap, I decided to stay in the car with her. The young couple in the car next to me kept looking at me. I couldn't figure out if they were just being friendly or what. I kept glancing over and smiling back. Finally, the husband jumped out of the car briefly and I noticed the woman's familiar pose and gauze-y blanket. This young mother was just finding a convenient place to nurse. I realized they had probably been watching me to see if I was watching them. Been there, done that.

The husband jumped in quickly to check on them, took the little baby and burped and smooched her so lovingly. The baby was covered with a teensy sun hat. The car seat was nice and clean and had cute play things on the handle for baby to look at. It seemed very first-kid-ish. You know, the clean car seat, the right sun protection, the helpful daddy for pass-off.

I feel a little more third-kid-ish wondering if I remembered to feed the baby while hoping that McHubz knows where the other (and their sunscreen/hats/shoes for that matter) are. There is beauty in this too. We are a well-oiled machine in many ways. We know that McHusband is the bath-giver, the trash-taker-out-er, the scary-story-teller. We know that I am the milk-maker, the clothes-packer, the last-bedtime-smooch-giver.

I feel that each season with the kids gets better and better and better, but I got weepy seeing that precious new life and missing my own little forms of my McBabies. I was also moved to tears at the new life that couple was experiencing. They had their own rebirth; the same kind that McHubz and I have had and continue to have. Thank God for this day.