I remember reading a book by Dr. Laura (not my normal kind of read, but, still, I found it to be a good book on parenting) and she made an interesting observation about quality versus quantity time.  She argued that while quality time is, of course, the most important, that time is hardest to "force".  So, if you don’t have the quantity of time with your children, you may miss out on many quality moments.  Does that mean to spend every waking moment with your child?  I don’t think so, but it sure makes me glad to have many, many, many moments with them so that I experience some of their most special ones.
I think this is the way with lots of other things, one of them being writing.  Every time I sit down to journal – privately (in my notebooks) or publicly (in my blog) isn’t necessarily insightful or clarity-inducing.  But, the consistency of doing it helps me have a better opportunity of landing on something.  Quantity often allows for quality to rise to the top, maybe??
That being said, today’s blog is just part consistency and part scrapbooking.  Not necessarily anything profound here… but, an idea hit me in the face. Literally. 
 We had a joint birthday party for the McBabies at the end of the year since their birthdays are only a few weeks apart.  It was Tangled themed since we all love the movie and since I have a crush on Flynn Rider.  McBaby #1 and I braided a ridiculously long Rapunzel hairpiece that still often hangs off of our banister as it has this week (which was exactly what hit me in the face).   I make  an effort to place very few rules about the braid so they don't get any ideas... ("don't hop over the edge on your braid guys!", "don't put it around anyone's neck", they've come up with a few others.)

Here's the invitation.  The male lead in the film is "Flynn Rider".  It worked out perfectly that McBaby #2 could be "(McLau)ghlin Rider".  In retrospect, I wouldn't have put that line break after "come for a joint"... haha...

And like every good party, someone ends up stripping down to their skivvies!