There's a line under Ana's chin.

One of the McBabies has a birthday this week. If you've followed my blog, you know what that means. Lots of celebrating, lots of prayers and tears. And my traditional bday-eve-viewing of Happy Gilmore. ("...'til the night closes in... big gulps, huh?... you eat pieces of xxxx for breakfast?"... see, don't you feel better already?)

While we were on vacation a few weeks ago, there were some early mornings. (Refer to a previous post about "vacationing" with kids.) The McBabies were dead tired, up later at night than normal, swimming their hearts out, and - wait for it - getting up earlier than average. It's as if God was pointing and laughing.

Ana woke one day at the crack of dawn and I brought her into our bed. I knew the routine. She'd quickly wake everyone in the loft where we were staying. Shocker of all shockers; she laid down in between us and conked back out. I honestly don't know if she's done that since her newborn days.  I know that I could've fallen back asleep next to her, but I was so taken with the sweet line underneath her chin - the little crease that makes her 1-yr old face have a double chin. I could not stop staring at her. She had her arms folded - one resting under her chin and the other crossed across her tummy. She was breathing peacefully and my gratitude was leaking out of my eyes.

I looked next to me at an amazing man. A man who hasn't aged a year - unless you're talking negative numbers. He's like the real-life Benjamin Button. I want to grow old with him - my weird little baby man... 

I looked to one bed and saw my 4-yr old little boy with his bum raising his blankie in the air. He's got more love in his little finger than I could ever have imagined. I looked to another bed and saw a little girl who oozes with generosity and makes presents and cards and bracelets and paintings and writes songs and crochets designs for all of her friends and family. 

God is good. All the time. But that morning, I felt His kindness in massive waves. 

Thanks be to God.